Activate Croma Gift Card – How to redeem Croma Gift Card?

croma gift card

If your friends gifted you Croma gift card, you will puzzled once you enter the code on Croma’s website. It will ask you to activate gift card and that process is unusually confusing. 

How to activate Croma Gift Card? 

Send following text message to 7200666000


In my case, it was GCACT 123456790193 933999

Now, here is the bizzare part – I never received any activation confirmation on my mobile phone number. I called Croma’s customer care and he told me it can take up to 24h to activate gift cards. This is actually not true. I found when I sent the aforementioned code during working hours, it was activated within a minute or so and if I sent the code in evening or night, I got message next day. It is also totally possible to never get a confirmation message in this case. 

The entire value must be used at once. This means if you buy something worth INR 9500 and you have INR 10,000 worth of Croma gift cards, you would loose INR 500 if you complete checkout. So, it makes sense to buy something worth INR 500 or more to use remaining gift card value. You can outstanding amount via net banking, credit card, debit card, PayTM and UPI. 

Validity of Croma gift card is exactly one year from the moment you have activate. So, once you have activated Croma gift card, make sure to use the value within one year as Tata has made very clear on Croma’s Gift Card’s terms and conditions that it would not be possible to reactivate the gift card.