Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy can no longer save credit card details

This is regarding an upcoming change in the Saved Card option when you shop at merchants online (e.g. Amazon/Zomato etc.) through their websites/ mobile apps.

icici bank credit card

As per the RBI guidelines for enhanced card security, effective from Jan 01, 2022, E-commerce merchants like Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato and so on will be restricted from saving your ICICI Bank Card details like, Card Number and Expiry Date. Any card details saved earlier by you, on these websites/mobile apps, will be removed.

E-commerce transactions can be processed in the following ways, effective Jan 01, 2022:

Option 1: Through Tokenisation of your ICICI Bank Card:
The introduction of Tokenisation enables the processing of online transactions without exposing any sensitive Card details that could potentially breach the security and privacy of the customers

E-commerce merchants (like Amazon / Swiggy / Zomato etc.) will prompt you to “Secure Your Card” or “Save Your Card For Future Use”, on visiting their website/app or at the time of making a purchase

If you provide your consent to Tokenise your card, the card details will be stored in a secured tokenised format (Tokenisation refers to the replacement of the actual card details with an alternate code called the ‘Token’)

This token once generated can be used to make all future transactions, on that particular merchant website/app, without entering the full card details.

Option 2: By entering your ICICI Bank Card details each time you make a transaction:

If you choose not to tokenise your card, the merchant will not be able to store your card details.

You will, however, be able to make your purchases by entering the card details, each time, during each transaction.