Islainu meme cryptocurrency rugged by moon_guurl

Islainu coin

This is a short story on how a so-called crypto influencer moon_guurl dumped Islainu tokens on her followers after having nearly 1 percent of total supply. It was not the team, but moon_guurl dumping even after returning the Islainu tokens, atleast that’s what the team thought.

Luckily Islainu team responded quickly providing the entire chat history. Why way this necessary? Rea (moon_guurl) allegedly dumped 6 figures of a lowcap right after striking a deal. This destroyed the Islainu cryptocurrency.

Islainu meme coin

1% of the supply (Ik lol) for a promo Tweet about the project. Initially the team pushed for vesting with presale access but she repeatedly declined and said she wouldn’t sell large amounts. Here was the promo tweet she did. Notice there was ZERO disclosure and instead pretended to have genuine interest.

Islainu moon_guurl

Everything seemed to be going well with the deal other than the undisclosed shill. After agreeing to the 1% of the supply she was told to not sell a bunch at once since it wasn’t vested. Also clearly trying to hide her address in the second screenshot. Why so scared?


Rea started selling small bits at a time immediately after launch.

Islainu cryptocurrency

See the address below. Soon after a large sell happens and a team member preemptively messages Rea since she holds a 1% of the supply. They immediately apologize however.

moon_guurl dumping

They ask her to buy back the ones she’s sold but eventually does.


This is where things start to go downhill. Now the project is up a bunch and the team offers to buy her out for $28k since 1% is now worth a small house, still a lowcap.


The rationale is because her bag is causing FUD that a team member is selling.


Soon after moon_guurl acts distant citing mental health and gender discrimination. Anyone who spends a few seconds in the space knows you can’t execute large sells like that on a lowcap. moon_guurl avoided vesting for a reason. The excuses continue and she then sends the tokens to her “friend” who immediately dumps the token (22.8 eth worth) rugging the project.

exit liquidity

This plus the hidden shill just is sketchy behavior. Apparently moon_guurl in a deal with 3AC but still knowingly shilled a lowcap meme coin?