Loom Solar Review: Empty promises, bad after sales

Loom Solar is great at marketing. A quick search on Google and YouTube about Solar panels in India will take you to Loom Solar website. In this review, I will talk about personal experience of Loom Solar panel installation at my friend’s place.

Loom Solar Review

This solar panel installation was done two months back from time of this article in Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, Delhi. This was done somewhere around location shown below.

I paid INR 1000 for a visit from Loom Solar employee. He visited us and suggested we go for 3KW which would cost us somewhere around INR 370000. I then asked one of my friends who also had Solar panels installed in his workplace. Turned out the panels were installed by Loom Solar so I asked how things were going. 

He said he too had 4KW package installed but he is having trouble with making it work all day. Keep in mind that MCD still has not electrified phase-2 of Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar so inverter had to be used alongside the Solar panels. This was all part of package. 

He said the Loom Solar solar panels could barely power 4 fans and couple of lights and by 7PM, everything was dead. I was surprised and informed Loom Solar very next day when they contacted me to know if I was interested in moving ahead and getting Solar panels installed at my work place. 

From then, I kept telling them they must inspect and repair my friend’s panel. Yes, this is kind-of blackmailing but I really wanted to see what kind of after sales Loom Solar provides before forking out such money. 

My friend told me he has been trying to get hold of them but they blamed it on inverter. See, inverter is part of overall package and when a single component is not working, the entire Solar  to electricity process breaks and you get less-than-optimum performance. 

Then, after hundreds of call and 4-months, Loom solar technicians finally replaced the inverter at my friend’s place and it is now working better. It is not flawless as he still runs into performance issues from time to time. 

Loom Solar employee has also asked me to go for 6KW package that would cost me around 6L rupees but given the fact they have terrible customer service and almost no technical support, I would go for a more well known company.