No Internet Data Top Up plan on Airtel Prepaid plans

There is bad news for Airtel prepaid users who have been using their phones or 4G routers for internet consumption. Airtel has silently removed all internet data top up plans from their website. This means the only way to get internet on your 4G router or phone is to recharge it with unlimited plans which start at INR 209. 

airtel prepaid

This gives you unlimited calls, 1GB/day and 100 SMS/day. This sucks for those who have been using Airtel prepaid SIM in 4G router for data consumption. We have no use for unlimited calls as we have a different number for that. 

We also have no use for 100 SMS / day. 1GB / day is very restricting. Earlier, I used to recharge with smallest recharge that gave me 28 days validity and topped it up with data top up of 21GB which could be used in anyway – there was no restriction on how much one can use everyday. 

Update – So the data top is there but it only appears once you’ve done a recharge. If validity is over, data top tab is not even shown to the user. This is a sneaky tactic to force the user to cough up money for bigger recharge. Sneaky. Very clever tactic.

Since the unused data is not carried to next day, this is a major problem. For example: If I use 200MB in a day, the remaining 800MB would not be carried to next day even though I have already paid for it. 

So, if you think you would be using more than a gigabyte in a day, you must plan in advance and go for an Airtel Prepaid plan that gives you 1.5GB or 2GB per day. I wish Airtel enabled data rollover facility but that’s just me. I don’t think they give a heed about their users.