PayTM no longer supported by BitRefil and Coinsbee

paytm bitrefil coinsbee

If you a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency user, you might have noticed that you can no longer recharge your PayTM using BitRefil and Coinsbee portals. Earlier, one could use PayTM for making payments to merchants, though payments to individuals was still not possible.

This was because PayTM credits the balances by BitRefil and Coinsbee as Gift balance and this balance can only be used for paying bills, shopping on PayTM Mall and for paying to merchants.

BitRefil and Coinsbee have not completely removed PayTM listings from their website though and this gives small ray of hope that it may become available again. Looks like PayTM team is well aware of this and does not want to allow cryptocurrency users to cash out using PayTM balance.

It was possible to recharge using PayTM with upto INR 5000, which is around 78 dollars.  Recently, there was a lot of advertisement on Indian channels and media about cryptocurrency exchanges. May be that is why PayTM folks are trying to clamp down on online portals that provide cryptocurrency services.

Another clampdown is done by Amazon on its amazon pay services where users can no longer pay their electricity bills using amazon pay balance.